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I created this resume for a client who had risen up the ranks of a single company since college. This person wasn't sure if they wanted another promotion or the adventure of a new firm so its geared towards either. I distilled their many achievements and responsibilities in a readable format to condense her previously 5 page CV to 2 pages. This resume was designed to be concise but complimentary of a long career using the following tactics:

  • A quick statement on hard and soft skills

  • An easy to skim list of skills to show immediate value.

  • Listing each promotion to show the progression in the company.

    • If you have more companies in your background, you can easily add the company name next to the date in the job description.

  • Achievements are detailed with quantified information.

  • Certifications and education were listed on the second page but not detailed.

  • There is space in this template to add conference talks and publications or more jobs.

Save yourself time (and money that you could have earned working) by using a resume template!

Templates are 100% EDITABLE. You can change:

- All Headings
- Colors
- Body text
- Icon colors + size
- Fonts, font size + font color

Note: Upon purchase, you will be redirected to the template and instructions.

To help keep you on track, I'll also email you more resources like a LinkedIn summary formula so you can attract recruiters on LinkedIn, career clarity prompts so you can plan your career, and more. Action creates results, so hop on these practical tactics for job hunting!

This template includes a special discounted offer for a career coaching call.

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Senior Tech Resume

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