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Veteran Resume Template

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I created this resume format for my cousin originally. At the time, he was a former Marine who had recently graduated college. He'd had odd jobs during college and was seeking internships and entry-level positions in his field. I tried to summarize military record at a glance to showcase his leadership and life experience. This successful resume has been anonymized to help you. I've discounted this download for veterans.

This resume designed to translate a military background for a civilian job using the following tactics:

  • Easy to scan for busy recruiters and business owners with plenty of space for keywords.

  • Emphasis on education and military experience.

  • A quick statement on career objectives and highlights.

  • Travel, awards, and translated military skills are listed to sketch the scope and scale of military life and work experience.

Save time in your job hunt by using a template!

Templates are 100% EDITABLE. You can change:

- All Headings
- Colors
- Body text
- Icon colors + size
- Fonts, font size + font color

Note: Upon purchase, you will be redirected to the template and instructions.

To help keep you on track, I'll also email you more resources like a LinkedIn summary formula so you can attract recruiters on LinkedIn, career clarity prompts so you can plan your career, and more. Action creates results, so hop on these practical tactics for job hunting!

This template includes a special discounted offer for a career coaching call.

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Veteran Resume Template

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